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Sherri Thompson - US Navy Veteran - Visually Impaired Athlete - Community Activist

Sherri is a visually impaired mother and Veteran of the US Navy. Her husband, Mark, is also visually impaired and is an active athlete as well. Sherri is a HUGE advocate for the visually impaired community regarding transportation and safety within Charlotte. She is a gifted cyclist, she does yoga, she exercises daily, and she would like to get visually impaired disc golf up and running in the Queen City. Sherri is the most “can-do” gal in Charlotte, and we are honored to know her.

How did you get involved with Para Guide?

We met Paul & Shannon at Triple C recruiting guides at the Running Club.

Share a memorable experience or event with Team Para Guide:

My first race after the doctor told me I could no longer run, but I could racewalk. My guides Jill & Jackie were great supporters and cheered me on as I transition from a runner to a RaceWalker.

What are your goals for 2019-2020?

To work on mastering the RaceWalker techniques

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