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Gray Riley - Dad - Boston Marathon Finisher - Guide - Coach

Gray Riley is a dad, a runner, a guide, and a Boston Marathon finisher. He is very active in his community, Harrisburg, where he was raised and raises his children with his wife, Emily. Gray has guided a wide range of athletes of all paces and ability, and he is now a trained tandem bicycle pilot as well. He also coaches his daughter's cross-country team, Run Cabarrus.

How did you get involved with Para Guide?

Honestly not sure how...don’t know how it all came about. The Why was trying to find a way to use running to give back to others in the community. Didn’t know how I could use it but set out to find a way to help others and somehow stumbled upon PG.

Share a memorable experience or event with Team Para Guide?

Every time out with someone is a memorable experience in its own way. Seeing PG athletes motivate others during an event never gets old. It’s addicting. I’m not sure I’ve ever smiled as much as I have when I’m out guiding. And knowing that you’ve helped someone set a PR, run a new distance, or simply get out when they might not be able to otherwise is a pretty cool feeling.

What are your goals?

2 goals - 1) be able to be more consistent in running/guiding an athlete on a weekly basis 2) would love to help guide someone through another marathon (Gray guided DJ Robinson at the Twin Cities Marathon with fellow guide, Tony Androsky).

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