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Jill Mackenzie - Mother - Triathlete - Guide - Magnificent Middle School Staff Member

Jill Mackenzie is a mother of two girls, a wife to Andy, a runner, a triathlete, a guide, and works full time at a Middle School--she is an Actual Saint!! Jill is one of the most kind hearted souls in Charlotte. Jill never hesitates to offer her assistance, and she is a fantastic communicator.

How did you get involved with Para Guide?

Andy asked me to go to his first clinic with him.

Share a memorable experience or event with Team Para Guide:

Every event becomes a memorable experience. I love guiding and assisting any visually impaired athlete achieve their dream and goals. It is so much fun getting to know them. (To be honest I have only assisted Sheri and Jamie; but WOW, they make it so much fun. Awesome women.

What are your goals for 2019-2020?

To Guide more races.

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