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OVERVIEW: After four successful years of operating as EPT Racing in Charlotte, NC, we are excited to announce a fresh new look and focus for the 2018 season. While we will continue to promote our core values of living a healthy lifestyle, serving our community, supporting local sponsors and enabling athletes of all abilities, for the 2018 season we will be “Racing with a Purpose”. That purpose is to raise awareness, raise funding and create opportunity for para-visually impaired athletes to participate in the sport of swimming, cycling, running and triathlon through the services offered by the Para Guide Foundation (501c3 non-profit organization). It is the mission of Para Guide to “Enable para-visually impaired individuals to experience a more enriched life through guided physical activities”. As a team member of the Para Guide Racing Team you will have the opportunity to support the foundation at whatever level you are comfortable. You can participate as a sighted guide, help to support events, assist with fundraising efforts or just wear the Para Guide Racing kit proudly when you are participating in your racing and training events. If you want to “Race with a Purpose” in 2018 then Para Guide Racing is the team for you.
BENEFITS OF THE PARA GUIDE RACING TEAM: When you join the Para Guide Racing Team you become a member of the family with access to all of the benefits we offer. You will be able to purchase team branded apparel including swimming apparel, cycling apparel, running apparel, triathlon apparel and casual apparel. You will be invited to monthly team meetings, training events, volunteering events and social events where you will be able to participate with other team members and sponsors. You will be able to participate in the discount programs provided by all of our sponsors for your swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, strength, fueling, rehabilitation and recovery needs. As a member you will also be able to join in the team sponsored athletic events in which we participate as a relay member or sighted guide, including swimming events, cycling events, running events and triathlon events. Winning is fantastic but our primary focus is to enable every team member to reach their greatest potential as an athlete.
BECOME A MEMBER OF THE PARA GUIDE RACING TEAM Would you like to be a member of the 2018 Para Guide Racing Team? If you have a passion for athletics, want to support your community and local businesses and want the camaraderie of training and participating with likeminded individuals then the Para Guide Racing is the team for you. We ask that you wear your team apparel when you participate in formal racing events, attend monthly team meetings, support our sponsors and community and “Give Back” through volunteering efforts for the Para Guide Foundation. We know that everyone has commitments with family, work and life so we do not have formal mandates on participation, we just ask that you give your best effort in adding to the positive culture we have created. There will be a onetime (tax deductible) annual dues of $100.00 for all new team members and all associated costs for team apparel and events will be the responsibility of each team member. We also ask that team members purchase team apparel for the multisport activities that they plan to participate in for the 2018 season. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE 2018 PARA GUIDE RACING TEAM AND AGREE TO THE TEAM MEMBER COMMITMENTS PLEASE CHECK "I AGREE"